Latest Sunday Sermons

TitleSubjectDelivered ByDate
Sunday Service 5-19-2024"How can I Become More Motivated to Witness?Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
May 19, 2024
Sunday Service 5-12-2024"What is Lordship?" Part 4Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
May 12, 2024
Sunday Service 5-5-2024"What is Lordship?" Part 3Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
May 5, 2024
Sunday Service 4-28-2024"What is Lordship?" Part 2Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
April 28, 2024
Sunday Service 4-21-2024"What is Lordship?" Part 1Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
April 21, 2024
Sunday Service 4-14-2024"What Difference Did Jesus' Resurrection Make?"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
April 14, 2024
Sunday Service 4-7-2024"How do Folks React to the Resurrection?"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
April 7, 2024
Sunday Service 3-31-2024"Spiritual Sight Restored Through the Word!"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
March 31, 2024
Sunday Service 3-24-2024Easter Cantata "Redeemer"Northside Church ChoirSunday,
March 24, 2024
Sunday Service 3-17-2024"Following Jesus Toward the Cross Part 3"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
March 17, 2024
Sunday Service 3-10-2024"Following Jesus Toward the Cross Part 2: There's a Little Pharisee in all of Us""Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
March 10, 2024
Sunday Service 3-3-2024"Following Jesus Toward the Cross"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
March 3, 2024
Sunday Service 2-25-2024"If We Don't Make Disciples, Who Will?"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
February 25, 2024
Sunday Service 2-18-2024Elder Ordination ServicePastor Larry RoseSunday,
February 18, 2024
Sunday Service 2-11-2024"What Does Discipleship Look Like?"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
February 11, 2024
Sunday Service 2-4-2024"The Necessary Step Before Discipleship"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
February 4, 2024
Sunday Service 1-28-2024"What's the True Cost of Being a Disciple? Part 2"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
January 28, 2024
Sunday Service 1-21-2024"What's the True Cost of Being a Disciple?"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
January 21, 2024
Sunday Service 1-14-2024Family Care MinistriesGuest Speaker: Josh LytleSunday,
January 14, 2024
Sunday Service 1-7-2024"How Many Christians does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
January 7, 2024
Sunday Service 12-31-2023"A New Year's Prayer Worth Keeping"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
December 31, 2023
Sunday Service 12-24-23"Who Would You Have Told First?: What's so Special About Shepherds?"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
December 24, 2023
Sunday Service 12-17-2023"Christmas Presence: Unwrapping God's Perfect Gift"Northside Church ChoirSunday,
December 17, 2023
Sunday Service 12-10-2023"The Miracle of Christmas Must be Received by Faith"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
December 10, 2023
Sunday Service 12-3-2023"God's Grace in Chris's Family Tree"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
December 3, 2023
Sunday Service 11-26-2023"Have You Forgotten?"Mike DotsonSunday,
November 26, 2023
Sunday Service 11-19-2023"The Rain of Revival"Jesse MuldoonSunday,
November 19, 2023
Sunday Service 11-12-2023"Have You Been With Jesus?"Jacob LoganSunday,
November 12, 2023
Sunday Service 11-5-2023"Would You Rather be Comfortable or Effective?"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
November 5, 2023
Sunday Service 10-29-2023"Let Communion Influence Your Week"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
October 29, 2023
Sunday Service 10-15-2023"Is War Ever Really Necessary?"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
October 15, 2023
Sunday Service10-8-2023"Drifting Into Sin"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
October 8, 2023
Sunday Service 10-1-2023"Let's Talk About Jesus"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
October 1, 2023
Sunday Service 9-24-2023"Rediscovering the Word of God"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
September 24, 2023
Sunday Service 9-17-2023"What Your Name Says About You"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
September 17, 2023
Sunday Service 9-10-2023"Stay Focused on the Main Thing"Pastor Larry RoseTuesday,
September 12, 2023
Sunday Service 9-3-2023"Parenting: Getting Them Ready for Life"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
September 3, 2023
Sunday Service 8-27-2023"Bringing Up a Godly Child in Our Ungodly World"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
August 27, 2023
Sunday Service 8-20-2023"All We Need is God"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
August 20, 2023
Sunday Service 08-13-23"Watch Out for Discouragement"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
August 13, 2023
Sunday Service 08-06-23"The Mind of a Dedicated Christian"Jacob LoganSunday,
August 6, 2023
Sunday Service 07-30-23"Dining At the King's Table"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
July 30, 2023
Sunday Service 07-23-23"Who Are Our Enemies and How Do We Handle Them?"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
July 23, 2023
Sunday Service 07-16-23"So, How Are We Doing?"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
July 16, 2023
Sunday Service 07-09-23"How Can We Influence Our Culture"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
July 9, 2023
Sunday Service 07-02-23"America, Boy Have Things Changed"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
July 2, 2023
Sunday Service 06-25-23"They Need Jesus and Our Love, Not Our Condemnation!"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
June 25, 2023
Sunday Service 06-18-23"Can I Get a Do Over?"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
June 18, 2023
Sunday Service 06-11-23"Why Pray?"Guest Speaker: Pastor Josh MatthewsSunday,
June 11, 2023
Sunday Service 06-04-23"Hey Graduates, Be Successful, But Careful"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
June 4, 2023
Sunday Service 05-28-23"More Than One Way to Sacrifice Your Body"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
May 28, 2023
Sunday Service 05-21-23"The Essentials of Our Faith: The Reality of Hell"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
May 21, 2023
Sunday Service 05-14-23"The Essentials of Our Faith: Heaven or Hell Our Only Two Choices""Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
May 14, 2023
Sunday Service 05-07-23"The Essentials of Our Faith: Ready or Not, Here it Comes. The Reality of Death."Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
May 7, 2023
Sunday Service 04-30-23The Essentials of Our Faith: Christ's Literal ReturnPastor Larry RoseSunday,
April 30, 2023
Sunday Service 04-23-23Update and message from Dr. Russ WhiteDr. Russ WhiteSunday,
April 23, 2023
Sunday Service 04-16-23"The Essentials of Our Faith: The Resurrection"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
April 16, 2023
Easter Sunday Sermon 04-09-23"The Great News of the Good News"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
April 9, 2023
Palm Sunday Church Choir Performance 04-02-23"Champion of Love"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
April 2, 2023
Sunday Service 03-26-23"It is Finished"Pastor LarrySunday,
March 26, 2023
Sunday Service 03-19-23"The Essentials of Our Faith: We All Need a Substitute"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
March 19, 2023
Sunday Service 03-12-23"The Essentials of Our Faith: Is the Virgin Birth Really Necessary?"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
March 12, 2023
Sunday Service 03-05-23"The Essentials of Our Faith: Grace or Works"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
March 5, 2023
Sunday Service 02-26-23"The Essentials of Our Faith: What Does Adam Have to Do with Me?"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
February 26, 2023
Sunday Service 02-19-23"The Essentials of Our Faith: Creation or Evolution, What Difference Does it Make?"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
February 19, 2023
Sunday Service 02-12-23"The Essentials of Our Faith: Just Who is This Jesus?"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
February 12, 2023
Sunday Service 02-05-23"The Essentials of Our Faith: The Bible, God's Infallible Word"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
February 5, 2023
Sunday Service 01-29-23"Communion's Uninvited Guest"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
January 29, 2023
Sunday Service 01-22-23Share About Their MissionDan & Marivic DaileySunday,
January 22, 2023
Sunday Service 01-15-23"The Word of God, Is It or Isn't It"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
January 15, 2023
Sunday Service 01-08-23"It Depends on What You Mean by Totally Committed"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
January 8, 2023
Sunday Service New Year's Day 2023"Downsizing into 2023"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
January 1, 2023
Christmas Morning Service 2022Christmas Morning 2022Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
December 25, 2022
Christmas Eve Service 12-24-23Candlelight Christmas Eve ServiceVarious Speakers & Performers, Pastor Larry RoseSaturday,
December 24, 2022
Sunday Service 12-18-22Church Choir Christmas CantataPastor Larry RoseSunday,
December 18, 2022
Sunday Service 12-11-22Advent Week 3 - JoyPastor Larry RoseSunday,
December 11, 2022
Sunday Service 12-4-22Advent Week 2 - Love "Getting Ready for Jesus the Right Way"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
December 4, 2022
Sunday Service 11-27-22Advent Week 1 - HopePastor Larry RoseSunday,
November 27, 2022
Sunday Service 11-20-22"Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
November 20, 2022
Sunday Service 11-06-22"Have You Ever Been on Active Duty"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
November 6, 2022
Sunday Service 10-30-22"What's Our Role in Politics?"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
October 30, 2022
Sunday Service 10-02-22"Fellowshipping with the Saints"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
October 2, 2022
Sunday Service 09-25-22"Not Just Another Meal"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
September 25, 2022
Sunday Service 09-18-22"Witnessing & Evangelism"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
September 18, 2022
Sunday Service 09-11-22"Why Are We Here in Church Today?"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
September 11, 2022
Sunday Service 09-04-22"Ministering for the Lord"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
September 4, 2022
Sunday Service 08-28-22"Serving Others is Serving Him"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
August 28, 2022
Sunday Service 08-21-22"The Part of the Family of God We Call Northside"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
August 21, 2022
Sunday Service 08-14-2022"It All Starts in the Home"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
August 14, 2022
Sunday Service 08-07-22"From Priorities to Purposes"Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
August 7, 2022
Sunday Service 07-31-22Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
July 31, 2022
Sunday Service 7-24-2022Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
July 24, 2022
Sunday Service 7-17-2022Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
July 17, 2022
Sunday Service 7-10-2022Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
July 10, 2022
Sunday Service 7-3-2022Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
July 3, 2022
Sunday Service 6-26-2022Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
June 26, 2022
Sunday Service 6-19-2022Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
June 19, 2022
Sunday Service 6-12-2022Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
June 12, 2022
Sunday Service 6-5-2022Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
June 5, 2022
Sunday Service 5-29-2022Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
May 29, 2022
Sunday Service 5-22-2022Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
May 22, 2022
Sunday Service 5-15-2022Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
May 15, 2022
Sunday Service 5-8-2022Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
May 8, 2022
Sunday Service 5-1-2022Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
May 1, 2022
Sunday Service 4-24-2022Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
April 24, 2022
Sunday Service 4-17-2022Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
April 17, 2022
Sunday Service 4-10-2022Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
April 10, 2022
Sunday Service 4-03-2022Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
April 3, 2022
Sunday Service 3-27-2022Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
March 27, 2022
Sunday Service 3-20-2022Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
March 20, 2022
Sunday Service 3-13-2022Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
March 13, 2022
Sunday Service 3-06-2022Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
March 6, 2022
Christmas Eve Service 2021Pastor Larry RoseSunday,
December 26, 2021
revival_wednesday_9-29-2021-1.mp4Billy HuddlestonWednesday,
September 29, 2021
revival_tuesday_9-28-2021-1.mp4Billy HuddlestonTuesday,
September 28, 2021
revival_monday_9-27-2021-1.mp4Billy HuddlestonMonday,
September 27, 2021
revival_sunday_9-26-2021_pm-1.mp4Billy HuddlestonSunday,
September 26, 2021
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September 26, 2021